Centova Cast v3.0.5 Now Available

The following is a complete list of changes included in Centova Cast v3.0.5:

Critical updates

  • Fixed an issue that may cause playlist schedules to shift by one hour when daylight savings time (aka "summer time" or "winter time") begins or ends.  As we are quickly approaching the end of daylight savings for many regions, we recommend updating immediately.

Minor new features

  • Added jPlayer support for SHOUTcast v1 and IceCast
  • Added OVERRIDE_DATEFORMAT, OVERRIDE_TIMEFORMAT settings in centovacast.conf to override locale's date/time format
  • Added buttons to test Amazon/LastFM/iTunes connectivity on administrator's "Albums" settings tab
  • Albums tab is now available in account templates
  • Support separate display of individual mount points in Live Statistics
  • Add listener count gauge on Live Statistics page
  • Added support for various new SMTP features
  • Improved SMTP diagnostic log when clicking "E-mail test" button
  • Add support for v2-style tunein.pls links
  • Added minimum session duration for a log entry to be included in statistics


  • Playlist start/end times are now absolute to avoid shifting during clock changes
  • Warnings are now displayed in the admin area for current and upcoming license expirations
  • Licensing errors now put the control panel into read-only mode instead of denying access to limit customer impact
  • Remove PHP time limit from backup/restore jobs
  • Disabled MySQL result buffering for very large result sets in database backup system to avoid exhausting memory
  • LOCALIPADDRESS option in centovacast.conf can now be a comma-separated list of IP addresses instead of just a single address
  • APIClient now fetches metadata after reading stream, which apparently works around a bug in PHP with curlwrappers enabled
  • Add more details to Push error messages
  • Updated default directory listings URL for IceCast
  • Display "None" in statistics tables when no data is available
  • Added additional MIME type detection for AAC streams; fixes #2686
  • Added more error handling in ancient v2.0.0b1 update script
  • Data transfer of deleted accounts is now included in reseller's data transfer total for the month
  • New streams now default to Muses instead of jPlayer as their default player
  • Added a lower timeout for SMTP connections
  • Added more verbose logging to failed requests in v2-to-v3 upgrade utility
  • Improved menu item double-click prevention code
  • Added configurable cc-control connection timeout options
  • Defend against gateway timeouts when doing large autoreindex jobs (eg: via mediascan)
  • Event log now displays in local time zone instead of UTC
  • Increase memory limit when performing database exports
  • Updated export.sh help
  • Decode hexadecimal XML entities from DNAS1 status pages
  • Force a directory listings timeout in IceCast if an URL is set to avoid an IceCast segfault
  • Updated PEAR Net::SMTP library for compatibility with new Postfix changes


  • Fix UI glitch when suspending/unsuspending resellers
  • Fix ezstream module regression
  • Fix regression in provisioning reseller accounts
  • Fixed date/time formatting regression introduced by new i18n system
  • Match push protocol to active request protocol
  • Correct minor display glitches on Live Statistics page
  • Fixed bug in which linking to a tab containing a sub-tabset would break the sub-tabset; fixes #2705
  • Output more error information if a v3-side error occurs during an account import
  • Fix error regarding AlbumDataSource in diagnostics and settings pages
  • Fix handling of pure-numeric DB passwords; fixes #2664
  • Fixed E_URL error when using jPlayer
  • Fixed problem with tracks whose artists contain "ft." or "feat."
  • Repeatedly re-submit playback requests to jPlayer since jPlayer is glitchy on some browsers
  • Fix potential issue that could cause license to not be updated until restarted
  • Fix reverse DNS lookup in live listeners list
  • Fixed midnight display issue in date_select
  • Move crossdomain.xml into DNAS2 skeleton directory
  • Fixed bug in which historical statistics would display interval sums rather than interval peaks
  • Fixed potential javascript error in on-demand content widget
  • Restored missing raw configuration editor toolbar images
  • Fix 'mount' property in getstatus() mount points list
  • Fixed copyright year in ASX output
  • Updated "Cron job not running" KB URL