Centova Cast v3.0.4 Now Available

Centova Cast v3.0.4 is now available, with several minor new features and improvements, and many bug fixes!
The following is a complete list of changes included in Centova Cast v3.0.4:

Minor new features
  • Upgraded to muses 1.0b; web player now supports AAC streams
  • Updated Spanish and Portuguese translations for v3.0
  • Implemented new, more efficient, and easier-to-maintain localization system
  • Simple backup script now supports local backups in addition to remote backups
  • mediascan script now supports --force=username1[,username2,...] to force-update accounts from the commandline
  • Added POSTPROCESS_TRACK_INFO and NOW_PLAYING_FORMAT configuration directives to control display of song information

  • Now playing information in Centova Cast is now reformatted by default
  • Proxy now passes mp= query var to SHOUTcast servers to enable use of Flash players with proxied DNAS1 streams
  • Raw configuration is no longer accessible to resellers unless enabled by admin
  • Region names can now be used instead of region IDs in WHMCS module and API 'regionid' variable
  • Pre-cache bulk string constants for performance
  • Increased default max_input_vars setting
  • Added better error reporting in upgrader
  • Added memory limit logging in logprocessor
  • Added playlist advancement debugging
  • Added support for identifying content-type of streams
  • Increased memory limit check frequency in logprocessor
  • Session cache now honors TTL
  • enable_package script now returns appropriate exit codes on success/failure

  • Tracks for which no covers exist will now still be identified in the Recent Tracks widget
  • Added organization character escapement in file manager template
  • "New folder" option in file manager context menu no longer launches rename dialog
  • "Nextsong debug" feature is now available in SHOUTcast v1 configuration
  • Fixed JavaScript error when reseller account reaches client account limit
  • Fixed bad "up arrow" image URL in table sorter
  • Fixed bad IceCast relay defaults
  • Fixed broken 'remember me' when caching is enabled
  • Fixed bug in which changes to upload file size limit would not be applied correctly
  • Fixed bug in which client logs could not be downloaded more than once per day
  • Fixed bug in which recent tracks XML feeds would be cached for hours instead of minutes
  • Fixed character escapement issues
  • Fixed creation of new folders in vhost root directory
  • Fixed handling of file manager operations on parent directory entry
  • Fixed incorrect sample path in centovacast.conf
  • Fixed misleading error message in account migration utility
  • Fixed occasional missing accented characters in Recent Tracks with DNAS2
  • Fixed potential issue with timing of scheduled playlists
  • Fixed regression allowing resellers to move clients to other accounts
  • Fixed regression in ondemand widget caused by jQuery upgrade
  • Fixed regression in scheduled playlist track selection
  • Fixed bug in which region selector wouldn't choose hosts with no accounts
  • Fixed parameter handling bug in simplebackup script
  • Fixed various issues with tracks with strictly numeric titles
  • Restored "Rename" option to file manager context menu
  • Reverted change to Event Log date/time display
  • Show correct live mount point in quick links for non-autoDJ IceCast streams