SHOUTcast is a very popular stream service using the MP3, MP3 Pro, and NSV format. maintains a large directory of stations using Shoutcast software (the DNAS), as do we. Bouncyservers ... Visualizza


A delay is placed between the broadcaster and the listener of generally 10-30 seconds. This is called a buffer -- it prevents brief glitches, pauses, and packet loss on the Internet from affecting ... Visualizza


Con ogni piano SHOUTcast 2.4 , SHOUTcast 1.9.8 ed ICEcast 2.4 sarĂ  incluso un player HTML5 compatibile con IOS/Android e tutti i Desktop Browsers.Il player mostra automaticamente il titolo della ... Visualizza

Bitrate (kbps)

Bitrate is measured in kilobits per second (kbps), and can be said to be the same thing as quality. It is the amount of data that is streamed each second for a single user. The more data per ... Visualizza