Anti-DDOS Protection

Protection against DDOS Attacks

From company recognized worldwide for providing solutions for streaming audio and video, Nitrogen Solutions offers a solid infrastructure and high availability for your radio or TV. The only things you have to worry, are the setting of your stream and airing, your server will be operational 365 days a year with a record of 99.99% uptime. With unique solution anti-DDoS, Nitrogen Solutions make sure your hosting is always accessible, even in case of attack! This protection is essential, because your stream will always be available even in extreme cases of attacks. Nitrogen Solutions is on your side to protect your project 24 hours a day from any DDoS attack, regardless of the duration and scope.  

What’s a DDOS Attack?

A DDoS attack is aimed at making your site inaccessible, overloading the bandwidth or absorbing all the resources to exhaustion. The cases encountered relate mainly attacks of level 7, the highest, based on requests PHP performed in a number such as to saturate the system. Server WebRadio Anti-DDOS
The risks of incurring an attack are very strong, notices nothing short multiplied compared to the past, due to the democratization of information and tools more and more easy to use. Not only the number of attacks, but their strength is increased, subjecting to the risks even more extensive infrastructure.


Security according to Azoto Solutions

Ensure safety and durability of the applications of our customers has always been our priority. Over the years, we have gained a lot of experience, which we anticipate, manage and reject this kind of problems. We have developed smart tools and robust, installed on dedicated servers and cloud products, capable of dealing massive attacks. These tools have been adapted to other products, such as Web hosting, which before had no protection so structured. In the past, it was necessary to block a site with too many requests, to avoid inconvenience to all the service and other customers. Now, to counter attacks, we integrate a number of mitigation solutions based on technology VAC. VAC is a unique combination of technologies that analyze real-time and high-speed your traffic. Automatically detect and intercept attacks, letting legitimate requests. The load distribution is made better by the introduction of PHP-FPM that allows better responsiveness of the server. No risk of blocking the service.