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The perfect technology ofWowza combined with a powerful control panel will allow you to better manage your server and view the performance of your TV using the Advanced Statistics of your listeners and their geographical origin. Depending on your plan you can upload your video in MP4 format and create unlimited playlists for hours thus generating a complete schedule for your TV.

Control Panel

Our panel WEB-TV allows you to independently manage your server, manage and create your own playlist by performing upload your audio files directly from the browser or via FTP. View statistics in graphical format of your audience and create links to all players compatible. You can generate your own custom player with the logo of your issuer and independently create the links to offer the service on platforms Android / iOS / Blackberry and SMART-TV. Your TV will be accessible anywhere in the world and from any device.

WSE-Manager Control Panel

Panel Version:

1.0.78 Released on 01 Juanary 2017

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