Wowza Video Facebook Player + Wall Player

The perfect technology Wowza combined with a powerful control panel will allow you to enhance your pool of listeners in a simple and effective. Make available your video streaming on all platforms Mobile and Desktop. Full compatibility with iOS / Android / Blackberry / Smart TV Cos’รจ il Facebook Player? The Facebook Player allows you to put in the Facebook page of your issuing an additional page where you show your listeners the live video stream of your video streaming What are the advantages? The service allows you to expand your service Wowza Video Server compatible making your stream on the Fan-Page to your Facebook page, and on all the message boards of Facebook users. You can also view the performance of your radio using the Advanced Statistics of the listeners and their geographical origin

Facebook Wall Player it’s ready for Desktops/Mobiles/Tablets

The player will be customized with the logo of your transmitter, the link to your website and your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+). For Mobile Users who click on the play button of the board player will open a page where you may see the Player for direct listening to the stream flow and the various links for listening to the radio by the native player of the phone depending on the operating system. Android Version 4 – Android Version 4+ – iOS – Blackberry – Smart-TV. You can customize the logos inside the player, the name of the radio and the various links to your Social Networks, as well as a comfortable chat where users can interact and comment

Pop-UP Option

It ‘s also the player option pop-up to allow your loyal watch TV from an external player and continue browsing on Facebook

Your TV becomes VIRAL

Imagine the potential of being able to share your TV / Video In Live Stream directly to Facebook and make listening Board can directly without having to be directed to the web site, imagine thousands of people share the link to listen on your wall, amplifying so exponentially your listeners their loyalty

Facebook Video Wall Player

Absolute novelty on Facebook Wall Player will allow you to share your TV directly on the Facebok profile allowing direct viewing in the player! Users can share the TV allowing you to reach millions of potential listeners who daily surf the most popular social network. The Desktop users will be able to listen to the TV directly by clicking on the play button of the player, mobile users will be directed instead to a personalized page with the player and all the various links of listening to the native player of the phone (Android / iOS / Blackberry / Smart -TV) for full compatibility of your stream on all platforms.

Demo Facebook Wall Player

The player will be customized with the logo of your transmitter, the link to your website and your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)


1.0.1 Released on 01 Juanary 2017

Check Demo of Facebook Video Player

  Wowza Shoutcast Facebook Player Wowza Shoutcast Facebook Player